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Migrating from Jekyll to Gatsby

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I decided to migrate this site from Jekyll to Gatsby. I didn’t have a compelling technical reason for doing so, but since I was looking to upgrade the asthetic anyway I figured I’d give Gatsby a shot. I don’t use Ruby too often these days, but do a fair amount of work in React and Redux so it does seem like Gatsby will prove to be a little easier to extend and modify.

Since the handful of posts I had were markdown already the migration was extremely easy. I pulled down a Gatsby blog template site (which already had the markdown rendering package included), and basically put my posts into the “gatsby” content directory structure.

I was able to strip down the template I chose by removing dependencies for things like Facebook, Algolia, and netlify. Nothing against those sites (well maybe something against FB) but I wasn’t interested in using them right now. It was also very easy to add npm plugins for disqus and google analytics which was nice.

I’ll probably continue playing around with Gatsby and seeing what other plugins and packages the community has out there. Stay tuned!